Commercial EPC – Retail Unit in Brixton

  • Commercial EPC – Retail Unit in Brixton

The client in this particular EPC required EPCs on all their housing stock in south London. This particular unit was based in Brixton and being run as a cake shop. Unfortunately there wasn’t much time to sample the wares during the survey!

EPC’s on small retail units

Certificates on these types of small units are relatively straight forward, and usually command a lower price than more complex properties. This particular shop was around 50 square meters, with a kitchen space in the back and service area at the front. The whole survey only took 20 minutes or so, even including measuring up the space. That meant that the client was able to get on with their usual routine without us getting in the way too much.

Ensure your meters are available to view

One problem we do come across especially on smaller retail EPCs is that the meter box is sometimes in an adjacent property or locked and not available to the staff on the day of the visit. Please ensure that the gas and electric meters are viewable as this is a required piece of evidence for the assessor.

Brixton EPCs – Parking in London!

Parking is an issue our assessors do have an issue with quite frequently. Please ensure that a parking permit is available, or that the building manager or staff are aware that our surveyor will need a safe place to park. We have had to leave appointments without finishing an EPC in the past purely because parking was not available. If we need to use a parking meter, then this cost will be passed on as an additional charge for the EPC. Fortunately for this EPC there was a parking space available on a side street, but it isn’t always the case.

Date: March 28, 2017


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