Commercial EPC – Care Home in Croydon

  • Commercial EPC – Care Home in Croydon

We have been asked to carry out EPCs on a number of care homes and sheltered housing accommodations. These kinds of EPCs can be quite time consuming, and there are obvious sensitivities around accessing the property and gathering our evidence.

How much do Care Home EPC’s cost

This can vary greatly, but because care homes have lots of units each with their own bathroom in many instances, this can really add to the work load. A 5-10 bed home is likely to be around £250-300, whilst a larger 25 bed home like this one was around £450. Because of how these properties are laid out, having a good quality floorplan is going to really help provide the quote and carry out the survey on the day with minimal fuss.

Do you need to see each room?

If there are particular rooms that are inaccessible on the day of the visit, don’t worry. Usually it is possible to work around this issue, especially if good floor plans are available. We ask that as much of the property as possible is made available to gather our evidence and that important areas such as the plant room, boiler, meters and loft are accessible.

What rating can I expect for my Care Home EPC?

The ratings on these properties do tend to depend on the heating system, as it is under a bigger load than in other types of property. That said, in a similar way to a residential EPC, if the property has been improved and has adequate insulation, a good heating system and efficient lighting, then you should get a decent rating on the EPC.


Date: March 29, 2017


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