Commercial EPC – Office in Brentford

  • Commercial EPC – Office in Brentford

Our main office is located in Brentford, so we get plenty of requests for EPCs in the area. On this occasion the client was moving offices locally and needed the EPC turned around very quickly – in just a couple of days. Our normal turn around time is around 48 hours for a smaller commercial unit, so we were happy to try and expedite this somewhat and help our client avoid a nasty fine.

Turning around your EPC quickly

Like this customer, if you happen to need your EPC on a very quick turnaround, you just need to let us know when you book the appointment. We will do our very best to turn the report around as requested, but you should be aware that putting together the data from the survey and entering into the software can take some time. Whilst a small shop or single floor office might only take an hour or two to get into the software and generate the EPC, a larger commercial property can take several hours or even days to piece together, so please be patient and bear with us – we are aware you need the EPC and we will do our very best to get it back to you in time.

You can help expedite the process by prepaying for your EPC. Our normal procedure is to send the invoice for the service along with a draft of the EPC. This gives you the chance to check the details are correct before we issue the report on the register. If you prepay or pay straight away following the survey, we can issue the EPC to you immediately following the desktop work, allowing the swiftest possible receipt of your EPC.

EPCs in the Brentford Area

As we work so closely to you, we are happy to offer our Brentford based customers a 10% discount on our standard rates for commercial properties. Just ask us for the discount when you call us and provided you are in the local area we will be happy to deduct this off your final bill. We are always trying to give a hand to local businesses!

Date: April 4, 2017


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