Commercial EPC – Ilford

  • Commercial EPC – Ilford

We get many EPC requests all across the Greater London Area, and east London and the surrounding suburbs, like Ilford and Romford, are no exception. This particular EPC was on a warehouse business providing storage for office companies.

Warehouses – What makes a good rating?

Warehouses often require little or no heating, so the software used to create the EPC does not consider heating as important as other aspects of the construction. Things like lighting however, will be crucial. Well controlled and efficient lighting systems can cut bills considerable in a warehouse environment, and this is reflected in the EPC. There will also be consideration of the insulation that is present, with particular interest in the office areas of the warehouse, rather than the main storage areas, as these are heated to a much higher degree.

Carrying out an EPC on Warehouses

Warehouses are usually fairly simple to survey, as they are usually stand alone buildings with a very simple layout. One important thing to ensure for the assessor is that the warehouse is fully accessible, as often they are cluttered preventing the property from being fully assessed. Few warehouses actually have a floorplan, so access is extremely important on the day.

Because most warehouses are poorly insulated with older glazing, you need to be prepared for a fairly low rating on the final certificate. We are seeing a lot of these properties falling outside the minimum E requirement for leasing, so you may also benefit from a more detailed commercial energy recommendations report, which we can also produce for you following the survey. This is a more detailed analysis of how you can improve the rating of the property, not just a certificate with a number on it. We work with you to find the most cost effective and practical way to get the building up to scratch.

EPCs in Ilford

Ilford has a lot of retail units along with several industrial estates with retail and office units. We get a real mix of requests from this area – we have seen it all! if you have a property anywhere in the Greater London area, we can be there to help. Just give us a call or an email!


Date: March 28, 2017


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