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    What is a Commercial EPC?

    Commercial Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) are energy reports that determine how energy efficient a building or commercial premises is. The ratings on a commercial EPC start from G (least energy efficient), going up to an A for the most energy efficient building. Unlike the domestic EPCs, commercial reports start from 0, which is a very good rating going up to 150 and beyond for the worst energy performing properties.

    Why do I need a Commercial EPC?

    If you are renting, selling or commissioning a new building you have to have an EPC – it is a legal requirement. Once you have have one, it will be valid for 10 years, unless there is a material change to the building, for example: there is a change of use, there are significant changes to the fabric of the building, significant extensions to the property and /or changes to the provision of fixed services then a new EPC will have to be produced. Also, if there are modifications to the existing premises after the original transaction date, for example the building has had new building services installed, then a new EPC should be produced. This gives the prospective buyer or tenant the most updated information on energy efficiency of the property.

    How is the Commercial EPC carried out?

    To start this process one of our qualified assessors would need to visit the property and carry out a physical inspection of all the key parts, which include the building fabric, lighting and business services, whilst taking into account any changes that have happened to the building over time. During the visit, the assessor will determine the various operations for differing parts of the property (zones) and then calculate the dimensions for all those zones. All the measurements from the zones are separately recorded in the software and when added up at the end should be equal to the total size (m2) of the building.

    Sometimes the information about the building adaptations may not be obvious to our team when they are onsite inspecting the property and additional information maybe sought from the person commissioning the EPC. Typical information that maybe asked to provide additional clarification on:

    • Information on various extensions and alterations and when they were completed,
    • Serial numbers for heating, mechanical ventilation and cooling systems,
    • Information on renewables.

    If the information is not provided and cannot be evidenced, then the assessor is obliged to revert to ‘default’ values, which will suppress the rating (make it lower) on the final report. However if supplementary and adequate information is provided, then the assessor will be able to override those values and help produce an EPC with a better score.

    Our team of assessors like to keep a close relationship with the customer, and would send the customer a first draft of the report before the final copy is lodged onto the database. This means there is time to explain to the customer how the value has been calculated and for any outstanding points to be closed off.

    How much does a commercial EPC cost?

    Our commercial EPC rates start at £120 + VAT for a basic commercial premises.

    The price we charge varies dependent on the size of the commercial property and also how many areas of operation there are.

    How to book an EPC Assessment

    Booking a Commercial EPC is as simple as completing the form below. Once this has been completed one of our team members will give you a ring to discuss the next steps and hopefully book you in for an survey date.

    Remember, if you are selling, renting or commissioning a new building you must have an EPC undertaken because if you don’t the penalties could be severe. Enforcement agencies have the power to investigate and request a copy of the EPC and the accompanying recommendations report. The responsible person has 7 days to produce this documentation upon request.

    The penalty for failing to produce a valid commercial EPC to any prospective buyer or tenant when selling or letting non-dwellings is fixed, in most cases, at 12.5% of the rate-able value of the building. There is a minimum fine of £500 though and a maximum penalty of £5,000 and you still need to produce the report after this! Where the above formula can’t be applied, there is a default £750 fine.

    Don’t worry London-EPC are here to help!

    If you require an EPC, we are here  to help. Our highly, trained and certified assessors will take you through the process and help turnaround the assessment and reports within 24 hours.

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