Commercial EPC in Lewisham

  • Commercial EPC in Lewisham

This EPC carried out on a shell and core property in Lewisham looks like a dream job for an EPC assessor. It is completely empty awaiting a first fit out to be turned into retail units.

How do you carry out an EPC on an Empty Unit?

When carrying out an EPC on a unit that has never been fitted out – i.e. there is no air conditioning, fitted units or heating, and it has never been used before as a commercial space, we can do what is called a shell and core EPC. This means that various assumptions are made about how the unit will be fitted out. In this one for example, a reasonable air conditioning system which complies with current regulations, as well as appropriate lighting and water heating, must be assumed.

This is somewhat different to a typical EPC, where if something is not present, you must assume the worst case scenario. Here, because it is assumed that the property will be fitted out in accordance with regulations, a more pragmatic view can be taken. This means that the final EPC rating will be a lot better than you might think when looking at the photos. These units generally received C and B ratings, which is very reasonable for a retail unit. If these proeprties were already fitted out with older systems, then the rating would be much lower.

If you think your property qualifies as a first fit out, and you wish this to be reflected in your EPC, you should speak to us before or during the visit. You may need to provide some documentary evidence.

How to Price a Shell and Core EPC

Because there are many assumptions being made and a lot of justifications for the assessor to work out as part of this process, there is usually a slightly higher charge for a shell and core EPC. Each one is priced carefully depending on the details of the job in question. This particular unit had 4 separate EPCs required for various commercial spaces, and the cost was £550+VAT for the set.

EPCs in Lewisham

We get lots of requests for EPCs in the Lewisham area, particularly for shops, offices and take aways. If you have a property and need a quote, just give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Date: March 28, 2017


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