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Why London EPC?

London-EPC is a name you can trust!

We have carried out 10,000’s of residential EPC assessments up and down the country

All our assessors are qualified and highly trained

We run additional monthly training sessions with all our assessors to keep them up to date with the latest industry insight.

Residential EPCs can be turned around within 24 hours

We appreciate that sometimes you might need an EPC asap – we do our best to fit in with your deadlines and in most cases can carry out a domestic EPC the very same day!

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    1-3 Bedrooms (£65 +VAT)4+ Bedrooms (from £75 +VAT)

    London-EPC have a team of dedicated domestic assessors that can provide you with an EPC report within 24 hours of the assessment.

    What is a Domestic EPC?

    An EPC, or Energy Performance Certificate, tells you how efficient your property is as well as providing a carbon emissions rating. It takes into account the construction of the building as well as the heating system and any retrofitting of energy saving measures that has taken place.

    Why do i need a Domestic EPC?

    Since late 2008, it has been a legal requirement for a rental or marketed property to have an EPC. The EPC report gives the person who is buying or renting the property not only a view on its current energy rating, but the measures that can be installed to improve the energy efficiency, including things like the estimated savings these measures would achieve. An EPC can also allow you to access government grants (including ECO and the GDHIF) to help fund energy saving measures.

    EPC reports are valid for 10 years, so provided no major changes have taken place to the property, if there is an existing EPC on your home then you do not need a new one.


    The link below takes you to the EPC register (a Government website) that holds all EPC records – simply enter your postcode and see if your property has an EPC already.

    How long does an EPC take and what happens?

    A domestic EPC takes between 30 mins – 60 minutes.

    While at the property, the assessor requires evidence of all levels of current insulation. They will therefore need access to any loft spaces and see documentation proving insulation has been added where they cannot gain access – such as beneath the floor.

    How much does an EPC cost?

    Our prices are fixed for domestic EPCs depending on the number of bedrooms in the property, the ex-VAT pricing structure is below.

    • 1-3 bedrooms: £65
    • 4+ bedrooms: £75+


    Want to view a real example of an EPC?

    EPC reports are all now produced with a common format, providing an easy to understand view on the property’s energy efficiency and the steps that can be taken to improve its energy performance. Click on the link below to see an EPC of a property we recently assessed in South London.


    As a guide, the average UK homes’ energy efficiency rating is around 60 (Band D). However, in the example above, you can see the rating can still be improved by installing solid wall insulation, increasing the loft insulation and having a cylinder thermostat.

    Why Choose London-EPC for your EPC?

    London-EPC has carried out thousands of EPC reports all over London and the surrounding counties as well as bulk contracts all over the country. We have highly skilled assessors all over the capital and so we can carry out your EPC with urgency and professionalism to meet your busy schedule.


    To Book your EPC, fill in the form on this page or call us on 0208 144 0897. We will aim to carry out the EPC the same working week and can if needed carry out EPC assessments same day.

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