Our Prices

How much does an EPC Cost?

At London-EPC, we pride ourselves on the level of service we can offer – not only can we carry out EPCs at extremely short notice; we can also often fulfil evening slots to fit in with your busy schedule.

Commercial EPC Prices

Our Commercial EPC rates:

Our commercial EPC starts at £99 + VAT for a basic unoccupied premises.

This price varies based on the characteristics and the activities of the premises, for example an average high street shop that has several areas of operation typically costs between £125 – £200 + VAT.

To get a quote for a commercial EPC, call the London-EPC team now on 0208 819 2166. Or you can find out more about commercial EPCs here.

Residential EPC Prices

For residential EPC’s the following ex-VAT rates apply:

  • 1-3 bedrooms: £65
  • 4+ bedrooms: £75+

These prices are regularly checked with our competitors to ensure you are getting maximum value for the service we provide. You can find out more about domestic EPCs here.

For bulk EPC ordering our rates vary, please call us on 0208 819 2166 to discuss.

Green Deal Assessment Prices

The Green Deal scheme, on hiatus at the moment, offers an EPC as well as a look at how you use the property in terms of heating and other energy use. You can find out more here. Our standard price for this service is £110+VAT, but this may vary depending on your location.

GreenAge Plus Survey Prices

Our ever popular GreenAge Plus service is a great way to find out more about the efficiency of your property and the various ways you could upgrade it in a more tailored and personal way. You can find out all about this service here. The price is set at £199+VAT.

Recommendations Report Prices

For our Residential and commercial customers looking for an in depth analysis of the efficiency of your property, along with a structured and detailed recommendation package, this choice is for you. Rates vary with the size of the property and the detail you are looking for, so we suggest taking a look at this page for more information.

SAP EPC Prices

EPC surveys are often carried out on houses that are already built. This is called Reduced Data SAP.

All properties under construction must have a slightly different survey – an SAP. This is purely a desktop exercise where we use the plans of the property not yet built to create an EPC based on the planned properties of the construction. The assessor uses architects’ plans and drawings and computer software to assess the projected energy efficiency of the building.

Prices for single properties start at £120+VAT. Costs for multiple properties may be lower. Plans are required for a quote

All Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are carried out by our highly trained Energy Assessors, all qualified and operating under the Stroma accreditation body.