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As you may be aware, there is new government legislation being brought in for April next year which means that all tenanted properties, be that residential or commercial, will need an EPC rating of E or higher before they can be rented out to a new tenant. From 2020, this will also apply to standing tenants and existing leases.
For many years, the EPC has been a mere formality. You need one whenever a property is to be rented to a new tenant, and many landlords have gone for the cheapest assessor they can find to complete the job as speedily and as cheaply as possible. This is no longer going to make sense to most landlords as the EPC becomes ever more crucial for their rental income.
At London EPC we can not only offer you a quality EPC, but we can also provide a more detailed recommendations report which will make it clear the best way to improve the rating of your property. If you have an F or G rated property, then this is going to be the best way to determine what steps are required and what the most cost effective way to bring your rating up to scratch will be.
This detailed report is available to everyone – so if you are looking to boost your EPC rating for marketing purposes or any other reason, we can also be of assistance.

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    The 3 Types of Detailed Recommendations Report

    We have put our heads together and come up with a range of options to suit your property. You can choose from the following:

    1. Domestic Recommendations Letter – This option, for domestic properties, will provide some simple feedback based on the EPC, but in more detail than the basic recommendations listed on the report. We will explain what options are available to you in order to boost the rating of the property, what is feasible and realistic for the property, and what we would suggest is the cheapest and easiest way to achieve your desired rating.
    2. Commercial Recommendations Letter – This option, for commercial properties, will explain why you have received the rating that you have as well as some of the best options for improving the rating. We might suggest that installing LED lighting will improve the rating to an E for example.
    3. Commercial Scenario Report – This option will allow you to go into greater detail as to the improvements you are going to make. We would recommend this report to both those with a good idea of the improvements they have in mind, and to those looking for advice from square one. The report is highly tailored to your property, and you will get the following as part of this process: You can ask us to run several scenarios through the software for improvement, and we will then give the rating from these improvements along with our comments as to their benefits. You can specify a particular specification – a certain model of boiler or AC unit, or a specific level of insulation, or you can let us make that recommendation. The cost of this report will be based on the size of the property and is broken down below.

    Pricing of the Recommendation Reports

    In the following section we break down the costs of the 3 types of detailed recommendation report. Please remember this is a bolt on service that goes hand in hand with the generic EPC reports. The costs below do not include the cost of the basic EPC, which is charged separately according the our pricing structure for Domestic and Commercial EPCs.We do not offer the recommendations service separately from the EPC, as we must have the EPC to work from in order to produce the recommendations.

    • Domestic Recommendations Letter – £30+VAT
    • Commercial Recommendations Letter – £50 +VAT
    • Commercial Scenario Report
      • Properties below 100m2 (Up to 3 Scenarios) – £99 + VAT
      • Properties 101-300m2 (Up to 3 Scenarios) – £150 + VAT
      • Properties 301-1000m2 (Up to 3 Scenarios) – £250 + VAT
      • Over 1000m2 (Up to 3 scenarios) – £399 + VAT
      • Each additional Scenario – £30/£45/£75/£100 + VAT respectively.
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