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As a subsidiary of Green Age, we are very proud to be able to offer the GreenAge Plus survey. This highly customised energy survey offers a great way to find out more about your property’s energy performance. This report goes in to far more detail than a simple EPC report or even the Green Deal Report. This survey is specifically tailored to the customers requirements, focussing on the areas they feel will benefit them most.

What is Included in the GreenAge Plus Survey?

The GreenAge Plus energy survey is split into two parts:

  1. A visit from one of our highly trained energy assessors, who will stay for up to 2 hours, not just carrying out the measurements and evidence gathering, but also answering any questions you may have and going through your requirements and end goals.
  2. A Green Age Plus survey document. This detailed document will go through each aspect of the property, from insulation, to heating, to renewable energy, to glazing and much more. The report will describe the current situation of each aspect of the property, and the potential costs and benefits of all the improvements that could be made to the property.

We also provide a contact point for future questions and advice on your property.


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    Download a sample Survey

    Download a sample GreenAge Plus Energy Survey by clicking on the download button below. This report was based on a recent customer and gives you an idea of what to expect following the assessor’s visit to your property. Typically we can turn this reports around in 72 hours following the visit to the property. We will also include a fresh EPC with all GreenAge Plus Energy Surveys.

    Price of GreenAge Plus Energy Survey Cost?

    The GreenAge Plus energy survey costs just £199 + VAT, regardless of the size of property. Currently the GreenAge Plus energy surveys cannot be carried out on commercial properties. The lead time for booking this type of assessment is currently 3-4 weeks.

    Following the visit from the energy assessor, you will be sent 2 items

    • A new EPC for your property (lodged on the Government software).
    • A GreenAge Plus Energy survey report

    These items will be with you within 72 hours of the site visit.

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