EPC prices can range greatly, depending on whether it’s a domestic or commercial property, and its size and layout. We thought it might be helpful to give you an idea of the cost.

Domestic EPC

From £65 for 1 bedroom properties. See the full price list here.

Commercial EPC

Warehouses from £180.

Small shops from £130.

Offices depend on number of storeys and size – from £150 upwards.

Areas with different uses that are connected are also considered different zones, so this will affect the cost.

Hotels can be very expensive because EPC costs are calculated depending on the number of ‘zones’ within a property, in this case rooms (en-suite bathrooms add to the cost).

An open plan office is usually quite cheap. Similarly, warehouses usually only have a few zones, so they can be pretty cheap too.

Save yourself money in the long run

Whatever the upfront cost of getting an EPC, it can save you money in future. Private tenants, householders and businesses can lower their bills by implementing home improvement measures suggested by their surveyor. Landlords will want to avoid the £4000 fine they will be eligible for if their property has an EPC rating of less than E.

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