How London EPC can help your business conform with Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

What are the commercial MEES?

MEES stands for Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards and were bought in by the Government to help improve the energy efficiency of privately rented commercial and domestic properties.

MEES is specifically targeting older properties since newer properties, provided they were built in accordance with building regulations, should automatically achieve the required levels of energy efficiency.

How does the commercial MEES exemption register work?

MEES states that if a commercial building has an EPC rating of F to G, then it cannot be rented out unless the landlord registers the property on the National PRS Exemptions Register. The problem is that the criteria to get on the exemption register are very tough, and once on it the property will only be there for 5 years before you need to apply for it again on the exemption register.

You can learn more about the 7 different types of exemptions here.

How can London EPC help you conform with commercial MEES?

At London EPC, we can help you get on the exemption register however in our experience there is a far simpler way. One that allows you to rent out your property for 10 years without having to go through the pain of compiling the required evidence to appear on the exemption register.

It is all to do with the commercial EPC and the level of detail that can be entered into the commercial EPC software. If an assessor cannot enter the specific details of the commercial property in to the EPC software then they must enter ‘default’ values. The problem with default values is they are significantly worse in terms of the final EPC score than entering the specific values.

As a result, an inexperienced EPC surveyor will quickly do the site survey and not record the information that will significantly improve the EPC rating – so typically the final EPC certificate will fall within the F to G range.

At London EPC, our assessors know the exact details that can take this EPC from an unrentable F or G to a rentable E rating, forsaking the need to go the exemption route.

Typically, the additional detail will relate to lighting, heating systems and HVAC systems, but all our assessors know exactly what to look for. Even if after we have completed the survey and the building doesn’t quite make the ‘rentable’ grade, then we work closely with the landlord to ensure the cheapest way to get it to the required level. 99 times out of 100, these improvements are still cheaper (and quicker!) than going down the exemption route.

That is why our client base is growing on a daily basis. London EPC have carried out thousands of commercial ECP’s, working with a huge range of of different businesses for the last 8 years to help them achieve the required EPC certificates to be able to rent their properties with a minimum of fuss.

If you require commercial EPCs and want to avoid the costly and time-consuming exemption route then give us a call!