Here at London EPC, we regularly get asked where an EPC can be found once lodged. Do you get it in the post, by email, or somewhere else entirely?

Getting your EPC report by post or email

The first place we will send your final report to is your email. This is the preferred way to operate as it doesn’t create paper waste and is received instantly. That being said, we do have customers unable to access the internet, and in this case we will be able to post out the EPC. There will be a postage and handling fee of £5 in addition to the cost of the EPC, however.

Finding your EPC online

Getting a copy by post really is normally unnecessary because every lodged EPC is easily accessible via the EPC Register website. The site is really easy to use and allows you to download every EPC that has been lodged across the country.

If you are after a domestic EPC, you can go to If, however, you are looking for a non-domestic or commercial EPC for your business, you can visit

Why are all the EPCs on the EPC Register?

The EPC is a publicly-available document, which means anyone has the right to go and look at the energy efficiency rating of your property. Don’t worry – only the general efficiency of the property is seen on the EPC. There is no personal detail on the report such as the householder’s name or contact details.

I can’t find my EPC on the Register

I will assume as part of this question that you have managed to navigate the website OK and have entered your postcode and see other results there from your street. If there is no entry against your address there can only be a couple of explanations:

 The assessor has lodged the EPC against an incorrect address. This is why we will usually send you a draft EPC before sending the final report – it gives you a chance to check that the address details are correct and suitable for lodging. If the address is incorrect and the EPC has already been lodged against another address, then it will need to be re-lodged and this will incur a ‘relodgement’ fee.

 The EPC has not been lodged as yet. If there is an old EPC present against your address, this also means that the latest one has not been lodged yet. It could be that we are awaiting payment for the EPC before lodging, or that the assessor has not yet been able to lodge the report. In this case, give our assessor a call to discuss, as there is probably a good explanation. Sometimes there are delays caused by Landmark, the body that overseas the EPC register. This is usually because the address is not listed as yet and we are waiting for them to add the new address, or because they are experiencing downtime due to technical issues.

The EPC register is a really useful tool. If you have access to the internet it is the most simple way to get hold of an EPC. Most estate agents or solicitors simply need the 20-digit RRN number that you will find at the top of the EPC; they can use this to download the EPC directly from the register as required. So (in most circumstances) there’s no need for you to hang on to a copy or have a printed version. Let’s try and keep the waste to a minimum!