north london office epc

We often get requests for EPCs on office buildings. This particular office in North London was a vacant 4th floor work place in a larger complex. The property was due to be rented shortly and so we needed to visit and carry out the EPC survey very quickly.

What does London EPC charge for office EPC certificates?

For any office unit under 100m² and all on a single floor, we charge £120+VAT. This covers any commercial unit inside the M25, with a small excess for travel if we need to travel further out.

This North London office space itself was around 300m² of mostly open plan office, along with a toilet and some communal circulation areas. The cost in this instance was £250+VAT.


This office had a central boiler, but no air conditioning. Many North London buildings of this size have an air handling system as both their heating and cooling, but this one was an exception, being somewhat older than the average office. The boiler however was a very efficient modern one, providing heat to radiators in the building. It did also provide hot water to the building.

Building Fabric

The office building itself was a concrete construction with abundant windows effectively creating a curtain wall. The windows themselves were not particularly efficient because of their age, but the good news is that this is a mid floor office, with the floor and ceiling both leading to other heated spaces. This really helps the final EPC rating because it means only the walls (and windows) are heat loss areas.north london office epc


Much of the lighting in this office is either compact fluorescent or tube style fluorescent. Although older technology than LED, these forms of lighting are not too bad in terms of efficiency. There are of course more efficient alternatives, but the lighting will not drag the EPC rating down too much in this property.

North London Office EPC Final Rating

So there is certainly room for improvement in this office, but the property is good enough for rental and reaches a comfortable D level EPC rating, just 3 points away from a C. The client was advised that there are some opportunities to improve the EPC rating further, but otherwise a relatively efficient space considering the age of the building.