What is the minimum EPC rating to rent a property out?

An EPC has a rating system from A to G, with A being most efficient and G being the least. If you are a domestic or commercial property owner and you are looking to rent your property out, you will need to get an EPC certificate. At the moment, that certificate is sometimes considered somewhat of a formality, but not for much longer. From April 2018, you will need to have a minimum rating – most likely an E rating.

What does this mean for landlords?

If your property does not get an E rating or above, it means that you will have to upgrade your property, or face financial penalties. Sure, it is a little way off as yet, but now is a great time to get your property energy efficient. There are various schemes out there to help pay for these improvements, so not only are there no excuses, it just makes sense to get them installed.

What constitutes an ‘E’ EPC rating?

Bearing in mind that we aren’t 100% sure on the minimum rating that will be required, the most likely rating of ‘E’ is actually fairly easy to achieve. For the majority of properties, you should already be at an E rating, as the UK average is now a ‘D’.

If you are below an ‘E’ currently, the easy wins to look out for are loft insulation and cavity wall insulation. If either of these is a recommendation on your EPC, you should speak to us about getting them installed. Chances are you can get them done for free, or relatively inexpensively. Easy wins like draught proofing and hot water tank insulation will also help bump up the EPC rating.

If these are not enough, or are not possible, the heating system is the next place to look. If you have a gas supply, a modern gas boiler should get your rating up. If you don’t have gas, more modern storage heaters could be the answer.

I don’t know how to get my ‘E’ Rating

If you are struggling to find the right option for your property, do not hesitate to give us a call. In our experience, virtually all properties can get up to an ‘E’ rating without having to spend a fortune. It is worth doing, and it will make your property a more attractive proposition for tenants.