We often get calls from landlords or managing agents who are looking to get EPCs carried out on a number of their properties as a batch. There are plenty of good reasons to do this, rather than getting them done as and when required. In this blog, I am going to run you through some of the reasons:

It is cheaper to do a batch of EPCs?

Doing a one-off EPC involves an assessor travelling out to a property and then travelling back again. Often this takes much longer than the actual EPC itself. For this reason, we offer generous discounts if several properties can be scheduled together for one visit – it means that travel cost is reduced and the assessor can visit several properties in one day.

The more properties that are scheduled at the same time, the better the rate for them, especially if these properties are all similar, such as a row of terraces or a block of flats. Why not get them all done for a bulk rate, rather than paying a premium each time a certificate is needed?

You can assess your properties in one go

For a landlord with multiple properties, it can be useful to get a clear picture of the efficiency rating of all your properties at the same time. With the new regulations coming into force next year which will require all properties on the rental market to be E rated or higher, it really makes sense to get your head around the problem now, rather than panicking at the last minute.

We also often get asked to carry out surveys at the same time as gas safety checks, or electrical safety checks. Your tenant will be appreciative if you can get these sorts of things all out of the way at the same time, rather than having to stay home for multiple appointments on different days. We are really flexible with our appointment times, so maybe it would make sense to bundle all your surveys into one time slot.

Getting a last minute EPC can be a pain

An EPC is required for all properties that are going to be rented out. If you don’t have one in place, you could be hit with quite a sizeable fine. This can make the last week before renting out your property really stressful, trying to find an assessor last minute to get the job done. You can preempt all that by getting all your properties surveyed in one go.

With the new regulations coming into force in 2018, getting your EPC last minute just won’t be an option. If you find out that it is not a minimum E rating, you won’t have much time to put that right before your tenant moves in, and it could cause you some costly delays. If you get it done now, you will have plenty of time to consider the best options, get several quotes for any remedial works, and get the work done in good time.

So it makes sense to get your EPCs done now! London EPC are offering some great rates on batch EPCs, so give us a call for a quote now and we will be happy to help.