We get plenty of enquiries to carry out commercial EPCs on warehouses. In this blog, we are going to look at some of the things to look out for when getting your certificate, how you can maximise your rating, and the indicative costs.

What should you do to maximise your warehouse EPC rating?

As with all EPCs, the more information you can provide to your assessor, the more likely that the rating will be a fair reflection of the building. The use of default figures can drag the rating down, and these must be used if there is no evidence to the contrary.

Warehouses do have some unique characteristics that can impact their final EPC rating. For example:

  • Whereas the EPC software must assume that most internal spaces are heated – with warehouses this is not the case. Any storage area in a warehouse does not need to be heated – so where lack of heating can negatively impact many other spaces like offices or shops, with warehouses the rating will not be affected and is therefore less important for the final rating. That being said, if your warehouse is heated, then it must be included, and the insulation levels and efficiency of the heating will make a difference just like in any other space.
  • Lighting is quite important in warehouse spaces, especially when these areas are being used 24/7. It is really important that the lighting is low energy, and if you happen to have a lighting design for the building, even better. Lighting tends to play a big role in these spaces, especially when heating and insulation is less relevant.
  • Warehouses are often split between the storage area and the office connected to it that handles the administration. Whilst the warehouse area does not need to be heated, the office areas do need to have adequate insulation and efficient heating to achieve the higher levels on the certificate.

How much does a warehouse EPC cost?

As with all EPCs the job is priced based on the size and the complexity of the site. Warehouses with little or no office attached can be relatively cheap, whilst larger units with considerable office admin areas attached will be more. A typical range would be £150 for the smallest units, up to £500 or more for the largest warehouse units.

Need to book a warehouse EPC?

Booking an EPC for your warehouse is really easy. Just give us a call on 0208 8192166 and we will get you booked in for a site visit in the next few days.