In this blog we are going to be taking a look at retail shops. Shops tend to change hands particularly often these days, and so we get many requests to carry out an EPC for them. In this blog we are going to take a look at the important points to remember when booking this type of EPC.

How long does a retail EPC take?

With small retail units, the visit should last no longer than 20 minutes in most cases. The desktop work that follows the visit will take several hours to get through, so it is feasible to get a same day service in some cases, but will depend on the assessors schedule and what is agreed with the client.

What should you remember on your EPC visit?

Whilst there are some things that are universal to any EPC visit, there are a few specific things to remember when carrying out an EPC on a retail unit. The spaces in which the survey is being carried out are open to the public normally, so if you do not want the assessor interfering with the regular operation of the shop (with measurement taking and photos for example),then you may wish to arrange the visit for a time when the shop is closed, or arranging for the survey to take place at your least busy times.

Shops will usually have no heating, or heat pumps providing air conditioning. In order to get the best rating, we recommend you provide documentation on your system, showing the model numbers or the relevant system efficiencies. One other thing that can maximise your rating will be to provide evidence of the type of lighting you have – a pack from a spare bulb for example, will allow the assessor to include LED lighting in the modelling of your property.

How much do retail EPCs cost?

Small retail units like your average corner shop are really straight forward to carry out a survey on. When the unit is small, and only consists of a couple of rooms, the cost is going to be no more than £120+VAT in most cases. For larger retail spaces, ranging all the way up to department stores, costs will be somewhat more. Because retail units tend to have large open plan spaces with one use, the cost is not as high as doing an EPC on an office unit however.

Booking your Retail Shop EPC

If you would like to book in an EPC survey for your shop, just give us a call and we can get that booked in for you. The number is 0208 8192166.