Getting an EPC tends to be left to the last minute for those selling homes or getting new tenants. It is understandable – there are so many things to remember when you are selling or letting a property that the EPC slips down the list of things to do, until you end up stuck trying to find a surveyor at the last minute.

That means that often our customers are looking for fast turnarounds for their certificates, so here’s what we do to try and accommodate you:

  • We offer flexible bookings – Whilst we can’t always promise your first choice time slot, we will do our best to get an assessor with you first thing in the morning, or in the evening when you get back from work.
  • We turn EPCs around quickly – We get a draft EPC back to you the following day in nearly all cases, and where requested we may be able to turn it around the same day! Remember, it is really important that any information we request is available or there may be a delay in issuing the EPC.
  • We use in-house assessors – We have an in-house team of assessors that complete our surveys, which means we won’t let you down. Where many other EPC companies will sub-contract work out to the lowest (and often least reliable) bidder, we use our own assessors to ensure jobs get done properly.
  • We offer flexible payment – As with many other EPC providers, we do ask that we receive payment before issuing the EPC on the register, but what we can do is offer a lot of options with regards payment methods. We can take BACS payment via invoice, card payment via WorldPay, or cash or cheque on the day.
  • No extra cost for expedited EPCs – Because we know that you want your EPCs fast, we don’t charge any extra for an expedited service; we will just try our very best to accommodate our valued customers.

Next-day commercial EPCs

All of the above applies to our commercial EPCs too. Commercial EPCs are a little more involved and take a bit longer to compile, but we still endeavour to provide the same level of service. A draft of your EPC should be with you the following day if you tell us you are in a rush to receive it. Remember, because commercial certificates take more time, you have to give our assessor the time to work on the certificate before it is emailed out to you. They should have a good idea of the time span as soon as they visit the property, so it is worth asking the assessor directly onsite if you have a time scale you need to work to.

If you would like to book an EPC with us, just give us a call and we will book you in at the earliest opportunity. The number is 0208 819 2166.

Please remember that there are a few things outside of our control which may prevent expedited issuing of EPCs. For example, the address may need adjusting or adding to the Landmark Database, where all addresses are stored. Sometimes the accreditation body may have downtime on their servers which will prevent us from lodging the report. We are sorry, but from time to time this can delay the lodgement procedure, through no fault of our own.