Here at London EPC we are still open for business throughout the current restrictions. As the housing market is still open, and EPCs are a necessary part of the sales and lettings process, we continue to provide this service to our customers. We will continue to follow the guidance from our accreditation body and the government to ensure everyone’s safety.

What precautions do you take?

We suggest that whilst our surveyor is in your property, you keep to one room of the house, or leave the property. The survey takes 20-40 minutes and the best option is to use this time to take your daily exercise. All our assessors are required to wear masks and gloves whilst in the property to minimise the risk to yourselves and us.

If you are shielding or have any concerns about the arrangements for the survey, please let us know in advance. We should be able to work something out that ensures we can get the job done safely.

Can I get an EPC if someone has tested positive in the property?

Unfortunately we are not able to carry out the survey until the end of your quarantine period. EPCs need to be done by accessing the property and taking measurements and photos inside the property, so we cannot carry out the EPC in this scenario.

We remind you that it is your obligation to tell us if you or one of the occupiers has tested positive. As assessors, we have a right to a safe working environment, just as you should expect us to consider your health and safety.

Will my EPC rating change because we are home during the lockdown?

No. The EPC is based upon the building fabric and the fixed heating / cooling. How you use the energy within your property is not considered as part of the survey. This is to ensure that the EPC can be used for multiple tenancies / sales, as it does not change from occupier to occupier. It also makes it a more fair reflection of the building itself, rather than the people living in it.

What other disruption can I expect?

The EPC process should carry on just like normal. If you have any other concerns, just get in touch and we will be happy to help.