Multiple Retail Units in Bromley

Multiple Retail Units in Bromley

Whilst many people are looking for a one off EPC on their property, we do get clients who are seeking multiple EPCs on a portfolio of properties.

There are many reasons why you might need to get an EPC on all your properties; the business could be being sold, the bank may have requested them for financing purposes, or perhaps the client is requesting the EPC as part of a stock condition survey, or to understand their liability for the MEES (minimum energy efficiency standards). Sometimes a customer wants to get them all done at the same time for a discount, to ‘get them out of the way’. Whatever your reasoning, we are always happy to give you a quote for a batch job.

The cost of batch EPC’s is always going to depend on the number of properties and the locations, as well as whether they are commercial or residential. With larger projects, it is always helpful to provide plans of the buildings, but we realise this is not always possible.

Multiple Retail Units in BromleyMultiple Retail Units in Bromley

In this example, the client had 3 retail units of around 50-100m2 each, with around 20 miles between the multiple properties. As such, we were able to offer a small discount on our usual EPC price, but not much more than that. There was over an hour of travel time to get between the sites, and each site had different heating/AC systems and layouts, making each one a completely independent job with not a lot of time savings compared to doing 3 jobs for 3 different clients. This particular job was priced at £360+VAT for the 3 units, which would involve a half day of site visits, a half day of lodgement at the office, and around £100 of EPC lodgement fees to our accreditation body.

The site visits themselves went very smoothly. Each site had LED lighting, which makes a big difference to the final EPC rating. One property had a gas boiler for heating, whilst the other two were using portable electric heaters. In the end, each property came out to a C rating, which largely reflected the importance of LED lighting in a commercial, and particularly retail, environment, where the lights are likely to be on most of the day.

The client paid for the EPC by card so we were able to issue all the certificates the following day, ensuring no delays in getting their financing.