Other Services

What Other Services does London-EPC offer?

Not only do London-EPC offer a first class EPC service, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of surveys and other energy energy efficiency services. Below are just some of the other services we can offer:

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  • Green Deal Assessments for homes and businesses
  • Air conditioning certificates
  • Gas Safety checks
  • ODEA / SAP reports


Green Deal Assessment

London-EPC is a subsidiary of TheGreenAge, a Stroma certified Green Deal Advisory Organisation. TheGreenAge is Government approved and is the largest provider of Green Deal surveys in the Greater London area.

These advice reports are a fantastic insight into the energy efficiency of a property and how the occupiers use their energy that can then be used to access funding for a range of energy efficiency measures, including insulation, boilers and renewables. Our advisors will typically spend about an hour and half at your property and have a comprehensive discussion with the customer about all the ways the energy efficiency of the property can be improved.

If you would like to book a Green Deal Assessment, call us on 0208 144 0897 and we can talk you through how the assessment works. All London-EPC advisors are qualified to carry out Green Deal Reports too and will go above and beyond to ensure the customer gets the best energy efficiency advice out there in the market and will always be on hand to answer any follow-up questions. TheGreenAge have successfully carried out over 2,000 Green Deal Advice Reports and have been involved with the Green Deal since it started in 2013.

Our price for this service is £110+VAT and if you are interested please give us a ring on 0208 144 0897.

Air Conditioning Certificates (TM44)

If you are a business and the building is serviced by air-conditioning units (above 12kWs), they have to have inspection certificates or TM44 reports in place – and reviewed every 5 years. Our team of assessors are fully trained and qualified to undertake these inspections and can assist you with any questions should you have them in relation to this area.

Gas Safety Checks

London-EPC works with several Gas Safe heating companies in London and the south-east of England to deliver individual or bulk Gas Safety checks. If you are in need of a Gas Safety check (landlord, home owner or property manager), please get in touch and one of our friendly staff will schedule you in for an appointment and hopefully have this carried out within 48-72hrs.

Our prices start at £100+VAT, but if you have more that one property that requires this service we can offer a discount.

SAP Reports

If you are designing and building a new property or the existing property is going through a modernisation, then you will have to have an energy assessment on construction or a SAP report undertaken. A SAP report is a bit like an EPC, but some of the calculations on the property go into a bit more detail.

Prices start at £90+VAT, please ring 0208 144 0897 to discuss your requirements.