Do you need an EPC for a pub?

If you are planning to sell your pub or indeed let it out, you will require a commercial EPC on the premises. We recommend organising the EPC on the pub prior to marketing the building since it can be an unnecessary hold up further down the line.

If you need an EPC for a pub in the London area, call us at London EPC on 0208 8192166. Over the last 5 years, we have carried out hundreds of commercial EPC assessments on pubs. Our team of qualified energy assessors can fulfil an EPC for a pub normally within 48 hours of first contact.

As part of our service we also include a recommendation report on your Pub, these reports can assist both the owner and prospective purchaser/tenant to understand the recommendations within the governments recommendations report.

Obviously the by their very nature, the layout of pubs in London is very diverse, however our assessors tend to be able to complete the commercial EPC on the pub within 2 hours and then get the report back to you next day.

We also now that pubs tend to busy places – our assessors will carry out the EPC survey on the pub with the minimum of fuss, trying to minimise disruption for staff.

How much does a commercial EPC on a pub cost?

It is very difficult to pin down a price, just because each pub is different from the next. Pubs are often pretty old, and sometimes unusually-shaped, as they’ve been changed and re purposed over the years. These non-standard layouts mean there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ estimate for the cost of surveying a pub, and it can be tricky to quote for.

For the reasons above, getting a commercial EPC on a pub can be pricey – but we will make sure to give you the fairest price possible. If you have rooms above the pub, this will add to the cost. The reason is that EPCs must be ‘zoned’, so each room and each en suite will be a separate zone in the software. Surveying, and then inputting all this information into the report software, is a time-consuming process, so the more rooms you have, the more expensive the EPC will be.

So if you need a quote for a pub EPC, make sure to send us as much info as possible! Any floor plans, dimensions or photos will help us to give you an accurate quote.

Our prices for commercial EPC surveys start at £99 + VAT, but for a mid size pub the price will be more likely £180 – 250 + VAT. For a bigger pub the price of the EPC might be a little higher than this.

Our assessor will provide a quote for the EPC prior to the visit and this price will not change regardless of what we encounter when we arrive at the premises, but sometimes these prices are slightly highballed by ourselves to ensure our costs are covered.

To get a more accurate price for both you and us here at London EPC, you can supply us with floor plans prior to us quoting for the commercial EPC survey – then the price will defiantly be more accurate.

So there you have it, if you would like London EPC to carry out a commercial EPC on your pub, please call us. Our assessors are all Government qualified and polite and efficient. We can turn around an EPC for a pub normally within 48 hours from first contact.