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London EPC offers full illustrative floorplans for all of our EPC clients. Our professional floorplans are a simple, effective, and efficient way to visually represent your property.

When will I need a floorplan?

Floorplans are used most often for buying, selling, and renting properties, in order to show the layout of the space as well as the basic dimensions.

Our floorplans are designed for illustrative purposes. They’re ideal for conveying all the necessary information needed for simple transactions, however should not be used in place of more meticulous technical drawings, e.g, architects blueprints.

How much does a floor plan cost?

Up to 1200sq.ft we charge a fixed rate of £95 for floorplans, regardless of what the space is used for. For properties bigger than 1200sq.ft, we charge £0.05 per additional sq.ft.

All prices listed here exclude VAT.

Please note that London EPC only carry out floorplans in conjunction with EPC surveys. If you are not requesting the floorplans in addition to an EPC, further charges will be added to the price.

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    How do you invoice for the floorplan and EPC?

    Once the site visit is completed, we process the paperwork and send over a draft of the EPC along with the invoice. As soon as this is paid, we lodge the EPC on the official register and send you a final copy of it, along with the floorplans.

    How quickly can I can the floorplan and EPC?

    We aim to get your paperwork turned around within 48 hours of the site visit, but if you have a specific deadline then let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate it.

    If you’d like to arrange for London EPC to come and complete floorplans and an EPC at your property, please fill in the form below. Alternatively, if it’s been 9am-5pm Mon-Fri, you can call our offices on 0208 819 2166 and make a booking over the phone.