Who are we accredited with?

We have Quidos accreditation and lodge all our reports through their software. You can contact Quidos and confirm the identity of our assessors yourself if you wish. Our organisation, operates under our parent company ‘TheGreenAge Ltd’ and has the accreditation number STRA10070.

How do I pay for my EPC?

We take payment mainly by bank transfer, card payment can be made on request.

Can I get my EPC report sooner?

We realize many of our customers need their report promptly, and as such we will make every effort to turn your report around to your schedule. All our reports are usually back with you within 1 working day, however if you need a same day service, this is something we can offer.

Can I get a hard copy of my EPC report?

We will usually send the report by email, and it can be found online at any time via the EPC register. If you specifically need a hard copy we can arrange this however.

How long is the EPC valid for?

It is valid for 10 years unless there are significant changes to the property, like new heating systems, insulation or extensions.

Will the assessor open my boiler or look under floorboards?

No. The EPC is a purely visual inspection. If the assessor cannot access an area like the loft or the floorboards, they will have to use default values or make certain assumptions as required. If you have documentary evidence of, for example, floor insulation, you can provide that to the assessor and they will be able to then take it into account.

I do not want a certain recommendation on the report

Unfortunately the recommendations on the report are completely automated, so the assessor cannot remove or change them. This means that odd or sometimes inappropriate recommendations are made on the EPC. There is nothing we can do about this.

Are we insured and CRB checked?

Yes all our assessors are insured and CRB checked.

Can you clone my property from another one?

We have strict rules on when cloning is appropriate, and it can only be done when we are doing large batches of EPCs on similar properties in one area. The assessor will be able to discuss this with you when embarking on a project with many properties.

Can I get a Post Installation EPC?

If you need to have an EPC to prove an installation has taken place, we can do this for you. If we carried out the initial survey, we may be able to do this remotely, as long as appropriate evidence can be provided. Please speak to us if you want a quote for this service.

Why is my property not A rated?

Many people seem surprised at how low their home is rated. Please note that the higher ratings are really hard to get to, especially for an older property. A well insulated, highly efficient 1970’s property will usually only reach a C rating unless it has renewables.