We have had plenty of demand for floor plans over the past few months, so we have decided to offer this as a service to all of our domestic EPC customers. We can put together a professional and accurate floor plan of your property, simply and efficiently, to help you sell or let your property.

What is included in a floor plan?

The floor plan is a scale drawing showing the different rooms in the building, their relative sizes, where the doors and windows are, and any fixed services like ovens, sinks and bathroom fittings. It is designed to give an accurate – yet simple – idea of the layout of the property.

What is the cost of your floor plan service?

The pricing is very simple and transparent. We charge a flat fee of £30+VAT to visit the property, and an additional 50p+VAT per square metre of property on the floor plan. You end up with a digitally-designed plan of your property. Here are some typical costs to give you an idea of our prices:

  • 50 square meter 1 Bed Flat: £55+VAT
  • 90 square meter 3 Bed House: £75+VAT
  • 120 square meter 5 Bed House: £90+VAT

Combining an EPC with a floor plan

Because all our surveyors are qualified DEAs (Domestic Energy Assessors), as well as non-domestic or commercial assessors in many cases, we are able to offer a combined EPC and floor plan deal that saves you money. When completing an EPC we will take £15 off the cost of the floor plan!

For example, an EPC and floorplan on a:

  • 50 square meter 1 Bed flat will cost £85+VAT.
  • 90 square meter 3 bed house will cost £115+VAT.
  • 120 square meter 5 bed house will cost £140+VAT.

How do you invoice for your floor plan/EPC?

As with our EPC work, we will invoice for any work following the site visit, but before we send you the completed EPC or floor plan. Once we receive payment we will get your floor plan over to you asap. We have used this payment policy for several years now and we find it works extremely well.

We have attached an example floor plan here to show you what the finished product looks like: